Aniket Sheth Builds Cabinets for his Local Jain Temple

Categories: Eagle Project.


Aniket Sheth’s Eagle Project required him to construct a 65″ x 30″ x 12″ cabinet set for the Jain Center of Northern California Temple in Milpitas, CA. Its main purpose was to increase the storage space in the Puja room, while also reducing foot traffic in and out of the small room.

His project was executed in three parts: the first day was dedicated to painting the cabinets, the second day was dedicated to constructing the cabinets, and the third day was dedicated to installing the cabinets at the JCNC temple. Battling the challenges of COVID-19 regulations, beneficiary changes, and construction errors during the project, Aniket was able to overcome these challenges with effective planning and preparation. Overall, the scouts worked efficiently, and the project was well executed despite these challenges.