How to become a MBC counselor

Contact Troop 888 MB Counselor Coordinators Chuck Kreider if you need additional information.
There are three forms and one (maybe 2) training(s) needed to be completed:

1. Complete a BSA Adult Application and submit to or to Chuck Kreider. Please note this form requires SS# so preference is direct submittal. If you submit this document directly, it’s recommended that all documents are direct submitted. This may require that you directly follow up with the district.

2. Provide a copy of your current Youth Protection Training and either submit to me or directly to the district @ .

3. Complete Merit Badge Counselor Information Form and submit to Chuck Kreider or to and

1. For the training, see the How to access required MB Counselor training below to complete additional required MB Counselor training. Once completed, let Chuck Kreider know that it is completed

2. If conducting outdoors activities, you may need to take the following:
a) Fast Start (Boy Scouts),
b) This is Scouting and
c) Weather Hazards
if you can’t find an approved ASM to accompany you on the activity. Please sign up for the trainings at My Scouting website

• The following site provides a list of the various merit badges with links to the worksheets