FAQs for New Scouts

What skills will I learn in scouting?

As a Boy Scout, you’ll learn a lot of specific skills related to camping, cooking, tying knots, first aid and more. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn others skills such as being organized, working together in a team and leading an activity. These will help you in your scouting journey and beyond.

What supplies do I need for scouting?

Here is a complete list of supplies you will need to purchase for scouting. The best places to shop are Big 5 Sporting Goods, Amazon and REI (check with your local store for their upcoming garage sale).  

What forms do I need to bring for an outing?

You will need to submit a consent form for each activity you participate in. In addition, you’ll need to submit Forms A and B. Form C is required for overnight activities.

What should I do to prepare for my patrol meetings?

Patrol leaders communicate with scouts via email so check your email on a daily basis to keep up with your patrol’s upcoming activities. Bring your Scout Handbook to every meeting, along with a small notebook and pencils to take notes. You will need to wear your Class A uniform to all troop meetings, unless your patrol leader advises otherwise.

What tips do you have for rank advancement?

At each rank, you’ll be learning new skills and completing requirements. Be patient with yourself while working on requirements and don’t hesitate to repeat requirements if you’re unsure about a particular skill. Also, after completing a requirement, remember to get it signed off by an ASM (Assistant ScoutMaster) or a Life Scout. Most importantly, have fun! Advancing through the scouting ranks is important, but what’s crucial is to retain the skills you’ve learned in each rank.

How does rank advancement work?

You can advance through the scouting ranks by completing the requirements for each specific rank. For the Scout rank, you’ll need to sign up for a Scoutmaster conference. This is a 20-30-minute meeting with the Scoutmaster who will ask you questions regarding the activities you’ve completed.

For all other ranks, you’ll first have an ASM review, which is a 40-45 minute meeting where you’ll be tested on your knowledge of the activities completed for the rank. Next, you’ll sign up for a 15-minute BOR (Board of Review) where a panel of parents will ask you questions your scouting journey. Finally, you’ll have a Scoutmaster review.

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