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    Bionic Bears Camping Outing
    Sep 24 – Sep 26 all-day

    Description: Bionic Bears Campout

    Rishi G’s Eagle Project – Day 1
    Sep 24 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

    Type: Serv Proj
    Location: 5611 Wells Lane, San Ramon

    No Troop Meeting – School Holiday
    Sep 25 all-day

    Type: Meeting

    Bionic Bears Fun Outing
    Sep 25 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

    Type: Recreational

    Advance Camp
    Sep 30 @ 5:30 am – 6:00 pm

    Description: Advance Camp is an opportunity for scouts to earn merit badges, finish partials, or work on trailhead requirements. It is on September 30th from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at Solano County Fairgrounds in Vallejo, CA. We are planning to leave at 6:00 AM and will be back by 6:00 PM.

    There is an early bird registration for the event with a $20 discount. If you are interested in early bird registration, here is the checklist:
    Sign up for the event on Troopmaster by Aug 10
    Complete the Google form by Aug 10 (details below)
    Submit the payment by Aug 14 (details below)
    Submit paper forms by Aug 31 (details below)

    Google Form
    Please read these important details before filling out the form.
    Eagle required merit badges cannot be started at this camp. If you have a partial for an Eagle required merit badge, you may finish it
    If you want to start a new merit badge, you will need Scoutmaster approval in advance. Mr Ranganathan will review the responses of the form and approve them. You don’t need to do anything extra – just submit the form. Be aware that he might reach out to you if he has any questions about your merit badge choices. You can review which merit badges are offered at camp here –
    If you are interested in trailhead requirements, you can review which trailhead requirements are being offered here –
    There is a limited number of spots for each session. We need to specify the merit badge/trailhead choices as part of the registration. There is no guarantee that your first choice will be available, so you also need to specify an alternate choice.

    Other things to be aware of:
    There are two sessions – AM and PM. For each session, you can sign up for a merit badge or a partial or trailhead. You cannot sign up for multiple items in one session.
    Some merit badges take up both sessions. You cannot sign up for anything else if you are signing for these merit badges.
    Some merit badges have minimum age requirements. Please do not sign up for a merit badge if you do not meet the requirements.
    If you do not finish the prerequisites for a merit badge, you will be given a partial.
    Fill out the form here –

    Early Registration: $65.00 before August 14th
    Some sessions have an additional cost
    $30 for Archery, Basketry, Cooking, Indian Lore, Leather working, Lifesaving, Plumbing, Programming, Sculpture, Search and Rescue, Swimming, Welding
    $15 for partials
    $75 for Aviation
    Adults staying all day: Early Registration: $55.00 before August 14th
    Adults dropping off or picking up: No fee
    Write a separate check for each scout/adult. Make your checks payable to Troop 888 and write the name of the scout/adult in the memo. If you are selecting one of the merit badges that has an additional fee, write a separate check for the additional fee.

    Paper Forms:
    Submit the following forms:
    Medical A & B, Activity Consent
    Permission slips for the following merit badges: Archery, Aviation, Search and Rescue, Plumbing and Welding
    Liability form and additional activity consent form for Aviation
    If your merit badge has prerequisites, you need to bring an activity verification form signed by Mr. Ranganathan to the event. If you are signing up for partials, you need to bring the blue cards with you to the event.
    Forms can be downloaded from
    Drop off the checks and forms with Mrs Preethi Shankar at 2283 Poppyview Ave, San Ramon (text her at 408-480-4245 before drop off) or hand it over during the troop meeting tomorrow (7/31) or on Aug 14. Please put all the forms in a sleeve.
    If you have any questions, please reach out to me at

    Oct 2 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

    Type: Meeting

    IFly indoor Skydiving
    Oct 6 @ 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm

    Remarks: Please provide A & B medical and activity consent forms during the event.
    Description: IFly is a STEM program that involves indoor skydiving that can be used to earn the NOVA STEM award. The Nova Award STEM is part of an initiative the Boy Scouts of America has taken on to encourage the natural curiosity of Youth Members and their sense of wonder about these field through existing programs. In order for this event to happen, we need at least 15 scouts to register. Please come join this amazing and educational event, you won’t regret.

    10/6 is a Friday during conference week, so it’s also a minimal day. Don’t worry about not being able to attend this fun outing due to school.

    Indoor Skydiving prices will be dependent on how high you want to go.
    High-Flight (15ft) $53.
    Low-Flight (3-5ft) $45.
    (will send out paypal account once we get a head count)

    To learn more about this program please check out the links below:


    Thunder Eagles Campout @ Mount Diablo State Park (Juniper Campground)
    Oct 6 @ 4:30 pm – Oct 7 @ 12:00 pm

    Remarks: Please provide A & B medical and activity consent forms during the event
    Description: Hello Thunder Eagles, We all will meet at GRMS parking lot on Friday (October 6th) at 4:15 PM and planning to leave around 4:30 PM. Make sure to come in full Class A uniform and bring the parental consent and medical forms A and B. Bring plenty of water and backpack with 10 essentials. This event is only for Thunder Eagles Patrol and Campsite numbers are 6 and 8.

    Troop Meeting
    Oct 9 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

    Type: Meeting

    Spicy Peppers Patrol October campout
    Oct 13 all-day

    Description: This is a fun outing for some requirements.