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Shreyas Kukanur builds outdoor tables for Shore Acres Elementary School

Shreyas wanted to give back to the community area in need and found out about Shore Acres Elementary School in Bay Point, CA. After visiting the school, Shreyas noticed the outdoor blacktop had no equipment for students to use. There was nowhere for students to set down their snacks, lunches or classroom materials. He decided to design and build four tables for the preschool and kindergarten classes. The tables would allow students to take their food outside to eat, and allow teachers to extend classroom learning and activities outside. Each table would be 3′ x 6′ allowing up to four students to stand on each side,to accommodate up to 32 students. His project was executed in three days. With the help of scouts, volunteers and use of clear instruction materials helped to sand, stain and build the tables smoothly with some bumps. The beneficiary is happy to have the tables ready and delivered during the summer. They are excited to have the new tables available for use during in-person learning this school year.

Vrushank Prakash Builds Cabinets for Bella Vista Elementary School

Vrushank Prakash decided to help the Bella Vista Elementary School music program, which is a relatively new school in the SRVUSD district. The BVES music program did not get adequate funds to manage the storage of equipment. There were instruments lying all over the floor. There was barely enough space for students to freely practice their music, which decreased effective collaboration. To solve this problem, Vrushank and a group of scouts built 2 instrument cabinets: one to store violins, trumpets, saxophones, etc., and one to store xylophones. This project lasted over the course of 2 days. On 8/28/21, they sanded the wood pieces and assembled the cabinets. On 8/29/21, they painted the cabinets and made the final touches. The cabinet that held the string and wind instruments was 5 feet tall, 1 1/2 feet deep, and 4 feet wide. The cabinet that held percussion equipment was 3 feet tall, 1 1/2 feet deep, and 5 feet wide. The panels were joined together using pocket holes, which required a special pocket hole jig. Corner clamps helped secure the joints so that workers could easily drill holes and place screws. Overall, the cabinets turned out great and the BVES music director is thankful for them. The cabinets were sturdy enough to hold all the instruments.

Adarsh Sheth Builds Greenhouse Bench for Fertile Groundworks

Adarsh Sheth wanted to give back to a life-changing, gardening non-profit that he had already worked with during his scouting journey. He built a 14′ (length) x 4′ (width) x 3′ (height) greenhouse bench for the Little Greenhouse at Fertile Groundworks. The beneficiary uses this bench to grow seedlings, which will grow into full plants, harvested for fresh fruits and vegetables, and donated to local food pantries to provide homeless and low-income families with free food. Day 1 of his project (7/24/2021) consisted of sanding and the start of construction, while Day 2 (8/7/2021) finished assembly and added a coat of polyurethane (for waterproofing and sun protection). The main problem with the previous bench was its old age and non-resistance to rodents, especially mice. The Redwood Lumber (donated by Golden State Lumber) used in his project had a denser characteristic, which allowed for longer preservation of the wood from exposure to the sun, water, and rodents. The polyurethane strengthened its immunity against UV rays and water. In terms of construction, the several hundred-pound bench had to be able to carry a tremendous amount of weight, which was why the 2×4’s and 4×4’s had to have a sufficient number of screws strategically placed to provide the best structural integrity. Several modifications of the frame and legs were made to allow for a structurally sound bench. The beneficiary loved the end product of the successful project, and will plan on using the CAD plans to replicate the project around their property!

Vignesh Senthilkumar Builds Cabinets for the Hayward Senior Center

Vignesh Senthilkumar wanted to improve safety for seniors as the previous cabinets in the Hayward Senior Center were worn out and not functional. Though he did not have any personal connections with the Hayward Senior Center, he knew that they did not have sufficient funds to provide for non-essential items. One of their cabinets, which stored bingo boards, had issues while moving it as boards would fall out. To replace this, he built a cabinet without metal rods and a well thought of design to ensure boards would not fall out. In addition, he built another cabinet to store gifts and goods for the Senior Center’s boutique shop. Vignesh wanted to make sure that his bingo board cabinet had the most efficient and effective design possible as it was made to stop the boards from falling out. With his team of Scouts, he managed to fulfill this goal and make sure that no boards would fall out of the cubbies. They also added a sturdy door, so the door would not swing open. In conclusion, it was a very successful project to help the Hayward Senior Center and it went smoothly even with some bumps!

Sarim Mundres Builds Outdoor Library for the Ilm Tree School

Sarim Mundres wanted to give back to Ilm Tree, a non-profit charter school that his family was associated with for years. He reached out to them and realized that there was a need for an outdoor library where children can read books during recess. The library would also enable teachers to have outdoor reading time with their students. The first day (2/8/20) of the project was focused on the construction of the library itself. Scouts built the library from plywood, and then painted the exterior of it. The following day was dedicated to installing the library at the school itself. Sarim consulted multiple individuals about possible modifications to the design to ensure the library was sturdy – because a poor foundation could risk the structure falling when children were nearby. He and his team of Scouts rested the library on top of two posts, and then cemented the library posts 18 inches into the ground. In addition, to protect the books inside from bad weather, waterproof weather stripping was added to the interior of the library. Overall, there weren’t any major issues, and the project was a success!

Aniket Sheth Builds Cabinets for his Local Jain Temple

  Aniket Sheth’s Eagle Project required him to construct a 65″ x 30″ x 12″ cabinet set for the Jain Center of Northern California Temple in Milpitas, CA. Its main purpose was to increase the storage space in the Puja room, while also reducing foot traffic in and out of the small room. His project was executed in three parts: the first day was dedicated to painting the cabinets, the second day was dedicated to constructing the cabinets, and the third day was dedicated to installing the cabinets at the JCNC temple. Battling the challenges of COVID-19 regulations, beneficiary changes, and construction errors during the project, Aniket was able to overcome these challenges with effective planning and preparation. Overall, the scouts worked efficiently, and the project was well executed despite these challenges.

Archit Gupta’s Eagle project contributes to local Hindu temple

Archit Gupta wanted to improve the conditions of his Hindu temple, as it represents important religious and cultural values to his family and the local Indian community. Since the temple is rather small and underfunded, Archit decided to build a storage shelf in order to organize materials in a presentable manner and make the work of the temple’s priests easier to carry out. The name of the temple is Sri Sai Datta Temple and Cultural Center.   Overall, the project went smoothly, and despite running into some issues with assembly instructions, the scouts and Archit were able to improvise and complete the project successfully.  

Eagle Scout builds shelves for nearby animal shelter

Manyu Kamran was inspired to make a shelf and help organize the Hayward Animal Shelter by his passion for animals. He has always loved animals and wanted to help those in need. The shelf Manyu was planning to make would be 5 feet tall, 6 feet wide, and 2 feet in depth. The project was split into two days, one for painting and sanding the shelf, and the other for construction.   Everything went well and the scouts worked efficiently. Manyu faced some challenges and he learned to be more prepared for any situation that may arise. There was also a third day where Manyu and a few other scouts from a different troop transported the shelf and helped organize their dog play area entirely. This shelter is underfunded and understaffed, and this project helped them stay organized. Overall, the project was a great success.  

Eagle Scout builds benches for Meadow Homes Elementary

Rohan’s Eagle Project was to build 4 slatted wooden benches that were going to be given to Meadow Homes Elementary School in Concord. He found out about the school since it was Coyote Creek’s sister school. The problem that they had was that they didn’t have benches for the students to sit on during lunch. He worked with the principal of the school to make sure his project went successfully. The only issue that Rohan had run into was a lack of older scouts to help him as he had numerous power tools that could only be operated by scouts who are 14 years of age or older. Overall the project went very smoothly. The instructions were clear, the work was done on time, and the benches turned out well. They were also later installed at the school by screwing them into the blacktop.

Nicholas Ryu Eagle Project Troop 888

Nicholas Ryu’s Eagle Project took on the task of building bookshelves for Mrs. Dotson, a second grade teacher at Rancho Romero Elementary School. These shelves would not only replace her old bookshelves that were very run down, but also help create a nice enclosed reading space for the students as well as brighten up the room. The day of my Eagle Project was a construction day where scouts were split up into groups each with their own responsibility of either constructing the shelves, sanding the shelves, or applying finish to the shelves. I was then able to deliver the shelves to a very excited and pleased Mrs. Dotson the following week.

Hans Dong Eagle Project Troop 888

Hans Dong’s Eagle Project was to build two planter boxes for the fairly new Bella Vista Elementary School. The Boxes were 81 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 22 inches tall. The idea was initially proposed by Hans Dong as he realized that many other schools had planter boxes that were used for the science curriculum and knowing that Bella Vista was fairly new, he would be able to provide them with certain resources they didn’t already have. In the end, the planter boxes were made from redwood and were stained thoroughly to ensure that they would be able to last in the soil conditions. After on-site execution, the end product was a huge success and the principal was pleased.

Jonathan Cheung Eagle Project Troop 888

Jonathan Cheung’s Eagle Service Project was to construct a stage background for the evangelistic musical performance hosted by the Children’s Ministry of River of Life Christian Church. The event took place on May 19 and 20 in 2017. The main characters of the performance were insects, so “Giant Grass’ was needed as the stage background. The overall width of the background is 24 feet and the height is approximately 7 feet. Six individual plywood panels were constructed to create the overall width. The panels were supported by wooden frames. The top of the 4′ x 8′ plywood were custom-cut to the shape of “Giant Grass”, which were nailed to the wood frames. The panels were painted in green color representing grass. This stage background will be re-used for future performances.

Jaskaran Bakshi Eagle Project Troop 888

Jaskaran Bakshi’s Eagle Project was for the Bell Vista elementary school, a school that is brand new in the San Ramon District. The school asked for more storage in two of their classrooms and meeting with both teachers we came to an agreement to create four 6ft long by 3ft high shelves, two for each classroom. We also decided that two of the shelves will be painted pure black while the other two will have chalkboards on both sides of the shelves while the rest of the sides have a wood finish. After the whole execution of the project, the teachers were more than thrilled for the number of new books they can store in their rooms.

Anthony Zorovic Eagle Project Troop 888

For Anthony Zorovic Eagle project, the project revitalized the back area of San Ramon Valley Bible Church. Where it was once overgrown with weeds, Troop 888 helped to create a garden, covering the previous soil with weed carpet and new mulch, as well as planting a variety of drought and shade resistant plants. Finally, we added stepping stones and a cement bench to create some more permanent features.

Reece Lax Eagle Project Troop 888

Reece’s Eagle project was to design an organizational shelving unit to store mobility devices such as wheelchairs, walkers and electric scooters. The beneficiary is American Legion Post 246 in Danville, CA, which is the Charter Organization for Troop 888. The mobility devices are loaned out for free to veterans who need them. Reece was inspired by his desire to give back to the American Legion Post and the veterans, as well as use his skills in building and construction. The American Legion Post is the nation’s largest wartime veterans service organization, committed to mentoring youth and sponsorship of wholesome programs in our communities, advocating patriotism and honor, promoting strong national security, and continued devotion to our fellow service members and veterans. http://www.americanlegionpost246.org/

Keshev Yerabati Eagle Project Troop 888

Objective The Veterans History Project (VHP) is an oral history program that collects and preserves the firsthand interviews of America’s wartime veterans. Keshav led a project that involved interviewing 9 veterans based on guidelines set by the beneficiary, the Library of Congress. Each interview was about 30 min long. Keshav submitted to the beneficiary audio/video recordings of these interviews, which are now part of the permanent collections of the Library of Congress. The beneficiary considered this an ideal opportunity for a Boy Scouts of America Eagle Project. Beneficiary The Veterans History Project of the American Folklife Center collects, preserves, and makes accessible the personal accounts of American war veterans so that future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand the realities of war. Researchers and the general public use VHP collections for a wide variety of projects and purposes, including academic papers and scholarship, documentaries, genealogy research and personal interest. Some collections are also used by the Library of Congress in presentations, exhibitions, publications and events to promote the Veterans History Project. Veterans’ family members also treasure the memories that are permanently preserved at the Library of Congress for future generations. Highlight of the Project Keshav has a passion for history and he took the opportunity to further his learning of this subject when he started working on his Eagle Project. He wanted to do something that he genuinely cared about, so he selected the “Veterans’ History Project”, a program run through the Library of Congress that collects and preserves the firsthand accounts of those who served in that nation’s military. He interviewed nine veterans from conflicts ranging from Vietnam to Afghanistan and sent those interviews back to the Library of Congress, thus helping to permanently preserve the memories of their service to the nation. Speaking to these men and women was a truly eye opening experience for Keshav. Growing up in a place as liberal as the Bay Area, it was sometimes easy to make assumptions about military action in controversial conflicts. The Veterans’ stories showed him that service was distinct from political intent. These were normal people who were following orders. One interviewee had even taken part in anti-Vietnam protests before he was drafted, but served admirably. This project was a powerful reminder for Keshav that there were multiple sides to every story. After his interactions with the men and women veterans from World War II onwards, he learnt a great deal about courage, leadership and honorable service This opportunity to interact with people whom he could look up to as role models, who were outside of his regular community, has been a great gift to him.

Tanay Gandhi Eagle Project Troop 888

Tanay’s Eagle Project was an emergency preparedness fair for the Canyon Lakes Community.