Isaak Tan’s Conservation Project at Forest Home Farms

Categories: Conservation and News.

Isaak Tan is an outdoor ethics guide for troop 888. He wanted to raise awareness about environmental issues and serve the community. So he led a conservation project where he and other scouts added news plants to the gardens of Forest Home Farms.

He started by  San Ramon’s Recreation Leader to set up a project. Then he and a group of 4 other scouts headed to Forest Home Farm to begin the outing. Isaak began by assigning roles and distributing tools. Then the scouts dug holes and used compost to create high quality soil.

After that they carefully planted the plants making sure they were evenly spaced out so the roots had room to grow. Finally they covered the plants with mulch to make sure the plants retained moisture.

The impact of the project goes beyond just planting trees as Forest Home Farms is an important part of San Ramon’s history. The Farm represents over a century of residential development and the city is very grateful for Isaak’s work.