Neel Manekar’s Conservation Project At Albany Bulb

Categories: Conservation and News.

On June 17th, Neel Manekar and a group of other scouts led a successful conservation project at the Albany Bulb, a former landfill on San Francisco Bay known for its outdoor art. The Bulb is a beautiful area near the bay home to 150 bird species, towering trees, and scenic walking trails.









The main goal of the project was to protect the local environment by removing invasive mustard plants. Under the guidance of their organizer Mrs. Price, the scouts were provided with tools, and their tasks. Some scouts focused on pulling out the invasive plants while others watered the surrounding flora.

After over an hour of hard work the group took a picture near the Albany sign to commemorate their work.

This project showcased how we should strive to preserve the environment. By removing the invasive plants, they contributed to the protection of the Albany Bulb’s natural ecosystem. Their commitment will hopefully serve as an inspiration for others to participate in other conservation initiatives.