Neel Manekar’s Conservation Project For Friends of Five Creeks

Categories: Conservation and News.

On 5/21/23, Neel Manekar led other scouts to help volunteer at the East Bay.  In association with Friends of Five Creeks, an organization dedicated to maintaining the creeks of the East Bay, he and other scouts did their part to protect the local environment by pulling out invasive perennial pepper weeds which can spread rapidly if left unchecked.

After arriving in Berkeley, Ms.Schwartz, the group’s organizer, demonstrated what the scouts would be doing and how they should use the gardening tools.

For the next few hours the scouts diligently worked pulling out weeds and restoring the environment.

Finally, as a well-deserved treat the scouts visited the Seabreeze Restaurant to celebrate their hard work. Neel’s project shows that giving back to the community can be rewarding and fun!