Rishi Gopalasetty’s Eagle Project at Wagner Ranch

Categories: Eagle Project.

On September 24th, 2023, Rishi Gopalasetty led a group of scouts to the completion of his eagle project. The eagle project entailed building a bench for the late Mr. Steve Gentry, an Orinda Beekeeper as well as the founder of Wagner Ranch Nature reserve (the beneficiary). This project was very important to Wagner Ranch as Mr. Gentry was one of the founders and has had a huge impact on those involved with the nature reserve.


The bench has dimensions of 2×4 feet and is made of redwood as per the beneficiaries request. There was one group working on building the seat and the legs and another group working on the backrest.


First, the seat was made, then the legs were attached.



Then the scouts worked on the backrest. The backrest was especially hard because of the way it was designed. It was hard because they had to drill through the top piece of wood to screw the pieces of wood attached to the bottom.



Next, all they had to do was attach the two parts and polish the wood so it wouldn’t be rough and it would have a nice color.


Now all the students and people at Wagner Ranch will have something to remember Steve Gentry by, and I’m sure they will enjoy this bench for a very long time.