Welcome New Scouts

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Welcome to Troop 888! Now that you’ve registered for the troop, your first year in the troop will be aided by your Patrol Leader, and each patrol has a Troop Guides and an ASM for Troop Guides. Some of the meeting time will be spent working on rank advancements for the newer scouts. Oftentimes, time during PLC meetings is also available for advancement.

It’s important to check your email for troop announcements and first year updates. Usually troop wide announcements are made once and sometimes twice a week. As part of your registration the troop will automatically place you on the email announcement list. However, if you think you aren’t getting the info, please contact our web team.

Camping Essentials for all new Scouts

Please find the essentials for camping for all new Scouts. Please note that the links to stores is only a suggestion and for informational purposes only. Feel free to source from anywhere you prefer. Thank you.