Arnav Gupta’s Eagle Project at Live Oak Elementary School

Categories: Conservation and Eagle Project.

On May 21st, 2022, Arnav Gupta led a landscaping event at Live Oak Elementary School. He and the scouts who came with him had a goal to beautify the area for the teachers and students at the school.

There was a dirty area, about 130 feet, full of weeds and patches of holes next to the kindergarten area.

The scouts weeded the area, put in new layers of topsoil, and dug through the topsoil putting in pavers.

Once they had done this, the team made a square formation of pavers, each one about 4 inches deep. Once the pavers and the topsoil were put in, the scouts dug a hole in each square formation and put in the geraniums. The completed area looked very beautiful.

In the end, Arnav and his team managed to weed, re-soil, and add new plants to the barren area. They used 60 pavers and 24 bags of topsoil. His project benefited the children and teachers at the school and the community around them.