Wolfeboro Camp 2019

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Located in the high Sierra Nevada Mountains on the shores of the Stanislaus River, a favorite summer camp experience since 1928!

Camp Wolfeboro is one of the longest and running scout camps in the Western United States. Founded in 1928, Wolfeboro has continually become a special place to all its Scouts and Scouters. It is the mission of the Wolfeboro staff to facilitate an environment where scouts will be engaged in unique, evolving programs, while building character through the values and
methods of scouting in a safe outdoor environment.

It is the aim of the Camp Wolfeboro staff to promote a profound reverence for the outdoors. We establish, maintain and improve a rustic and traditional camping environment that can be enjoyed by all ages for many years to follow.

The Scout Oath and Scout Law are the core of Camp Wolfeboro. As your scouts participate in the camp programs, we help your units utilize the “patrol method” so the scouts can learn leadership skills. Additionally, we expect your scouts to use the “buddy system” at ALL times.